• What are the online poker machines and how do they work?
    What are the online poker machines and how do they work?
  • The advantages of mobile casino games
    The advantages of mobile casino games
  • The best online pokies for you
    The best online pokies for you
What are the online poker machines and how do they work?

What are the online poker machines and how do they work?

Poker machines, slot machines or simply pokies, as the Australians call them are something that has been with us for a hundred years now. Sure, they changed through time. A lot. From the first actual machines you could find in bars and pubs, to the online sites where you can play from the comfort of your home, they sure have gone a long way.

poker-slot-machine-4-5-s-307x512The first poker machines were entirely mechanical; they allowed you to play the game and earn money from investing your coins that you would put inside the machines. People usually visited hem in bars and then later casinos. They were always a way to cut the time and have a bit fun. The way they looked also changed a lot, so we have the standard ones with images like fruits or simple cards which late evolved in many themes with only the artist’s imagination as a limit. The result is an infinite field of options we have today – football, pirates, knights and gods can all be found in these games.

Another big game changer was the online version of the pokies. When the standard machines you had to visit physically at a pub or casino went online, we got an entirely different but still the same experience. Online poker machines became popular in the 2000’s and after that by the end of the decade, the mobile versions are showing to be even more popular.

playtech-casino-89Choosing any of the names on the web will lead you to the site of a particular pokies game where you can create an account and set your base funds for the game. Many sites give out special deals for the first time players such as starting gift money that you can spend in game. This means that in many cases, the first time you start playing in an individual virtual casino, you get a starting sum of money, sometimes going over $1000! This fantastic feature helps players experience the game without any losses and gives them time to decide if they like the platform or not.

Each site or app will traditionally offer you a wide assortment of different pokies and games, going from actual poker or blackjack all the way to more standard pokies like Thunderstruck II or Ariana. There are many popular games out there, being reimagined every few months, giving the players exclusive chance to play their favorite game with a new twist, so they never get bored with it.

megabonus-home-edition_12019Games are very popular which means that they are also very well taken care of. The bugs and mistakes are routinely fixed, and the issues you might have while playing are easily conveyed to the webmasters and quickly resolved. In this aspect, choosing a bigger and better-known platform is always a plus. In any case, you should always try and research a site in question before you invest any money and start having all that fun.

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